Installation 3 - Use when there is no chimney present with external flue system

Use when there is no chimney present. Build a false chimney breast and create an external flue system.

This option is for a house with no chimney, but the flue cannot go up through to the roof for various reasons, then a false chimney breast is built, the stovebox is inserted and the twinwall goes up only to the first metre above the top of the box and then at an angle out through to the exterior up to the recommended height.

Obviously when building a false chimney breast, consideration needs to be taken:

  • • The size of the room
  • • The output of stove to be used and the size of box required
  • • Can this be a feature to the room not just a starter to the flue system.

There 2 main reasons to build a breast eg:

  • • ‍To form a chamber for the stove
  • • To hide the flue
  • • It is possible to carry out these two functions and also make a feature to the room.

Specialist advice will need to be taken when choosing products such as a gas stoves. This will need a gas twinwall and should be advised by an installer that is gas safe . A wood or multifuel stove are covered by an Hetas installer.

  •  All bends must not exceed 45 degrees.
  • When using a timber framed dwelling, specialist advice should be taken on all no chimney situations when installing a new flue system.
  • For illustration purposes only.

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