Over the next 6 months we are to introduce the following new products;

1)    Garden planters
2)    Outside features
3)    Garden rooms

As a result of the shutdown we have had time to process a number of new designs that have been on the drawing board for some time. These unique new products will be introduced over a period of time and will be developed from new and existing customer feedback. They will be placed on the Stove Box website as they are ready to be sold.

All these new designs are for outdoor use and most  will blend in with our existing products which have been very popular for over a number of years.

Garden Planters

1)    Garden Planters come in three sizes, small, med and large which come in flat pack for easy storage when not using them and can be placed on a hard surface to be used with grow bags or on soil as a protection from, birds, butterflies, etc. the planters have been designed to sit on each frame as your veg/flowers grow and have a choice of tops, which also just sit on fora stable completed protected frame. This product is now available and has a number of extra’s, eg  shelf bearers, shelves, plant troughs, etc.

This product is now available and has a number of extra’s, eg  shelf bearers, shelves, plant troughs, etc.

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This shows three small frames, two med frames flat pack for easy storage. All items have 2 coats of Cuprinol.

Showing two small frames with glazed and wire top. Three tray holders on a pair of bearers.

    Three small box trays with veg growing.

Picture showing large single, no top, med two high with mesh top and small three with glazed top.

Outside features

Outside features that will be designed will include, seating, bbq and fireplace features on a one off basis. These will be available 2020/21. This will be uploaded to the Stove Box website when ready.

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Garden Rooms

Garden rooms have been on our mind for some time but while on lockdown we have not been in a position to design a range. A standard range of four will be on offer, using some of our existing products along with a bespoke service to cover, offices, design centres, play rooms, etc. This product will be available in early 2021 and updated on the Stove Box site.

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