What sizes does the box come in?

The Stove Box is available in four fixed sizes and is supplied flat pack. If depth is a problem the SB1 and SB2 now comes as an adjustable option. The following kW's are advisory recommendations based on our experience over testing our installations in a 5 year period.

  • SB1 for use up to 8kW - Fixed size and adjustable
  • SB2 for use up to 5kW - Fixed size and adjustable
  • SB4 for use up to 6.5kW - Fixed size
  • Blazer for use up to 9kW - Fixed size

All the boxes are ridged, comprising of 2 sides and a rear panel that fix to the interior of the box to give a decorative finish also protecting the box.

We have also introduced two other boxes that are adjustable in depth approx 100mm (4") for when installing into a smaller breast when depth is an issue.



The Stove Box dimensions


NOTE: There are other sizes available. Please contact us for more information.


The stove box must be fitted to meet building regulations.  The appliance must be fitted by an approved installer. Do not fit a stove with a higher kw than suggested. The stove box cannot be fitted without a fire resistant interior.

We have a choice of adjustable collars for 5” or 6”. The separate adjustable collar is bolted and sealed when fitted and is 300mm x 300mm with approximately 3”(75mm) movement back and forward (bolts and rope included).

Fitting instructions can be downloaded here.


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